FOSTER, James Parks

James Parks Foster, Jr.

Seaman First Class on 7 December 1941

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USS Arizona gun pointer
"I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see anybody, but I could hear them hollering all down below. They were screaming and pounding. Cursing. And the noise of the bombs was deafening. Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom! The ship would just jerk and toss every time a bomb hit ..."

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Special, 6 December 2001

I was sitting in the head that morning in the forecastle, when all the men started running down from the topside. No one was saying a word. After I fought my way up the ladder, I did a hundred yard dash to the boat deck. There I met Admiral Kidd and the Captain running for the bridge. I think Admiral Kidd gave the order to man your battle stations. I said, "yes Sir!" Then I met McCarron and Lightfoot. We made a feeble attempt to fire the gun but it ended in failure. These four men were all I saw and had any contact with. Then the big bang! We all three landed on a hatch. Broke my nose. I was burned but did not know at the time. Lightfoot was really burned and later died. McCarron was okay. We got up and looked at each other, then another explosion and we all dispersed, me to the oily waters of Pearl Harbor.

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